Quality of Life

  1. Community History

    An overview of Grapevine's unique history.

  2. Climate

    Grapevine has a mild climate that is complimentary to business and an active lifestyle.

  3. Festivals & Events

    Grapevine’s festivals and events draw an estimated 1.275 million people per year. The two largest festivals Main Street Days (May) and Grapefest (September) attract a combined 350 thousand people per year.

  4. Health and Medical Facilities

    Grapevine is home to Baylor Grapevine an excellent regional medical facility.

  5. Parks & Recreation

    Our Parks & Recreation department offers incredible programming for a community our size.

  6. Tourism

    Look up tourist information for the Grapevine area.

  7. Wine Industry

    View information on the booming wine industry in the Grapevine area.