Grapevine Overview

  1. Location

    Check out this map showing where Grapevine resides in the Dallas / Forth Worth Metroplex.

  2. Cost of Living

    Information on the Cost of Living in the CIty of Grapevine.

  3. Demographics

    Look up valuable demographic information for the Grapevine, Texas area.

  4. Economic Updates

    View, download, and print economic updates throughout the year for the Grapevine area.

  5. Education

    Grapevine has an excellent K-12 public school system and is in the Grapevine/Colleyville ISD. Excellent higher education is within easy access to residents.

  6. Housing

    Basic information on Grapevine housing

  7. Labor

    Employment surveys for the City of Grapevine.

  8. Major Employers

    A list of the top 20 employers in the City of Grapevine

  9. Map Room

    This is the map room page.

  10. Taxation

    See property and sales and use tax information for the city.

  11. Utilities

    Major utility providers for the Grapevine area include Oncor, Atmos and the City.

  12. Staff Contacts

    Look up contact information for Economic Development staff.

  13. Videos

    Drone footage and other videos coming soon.