Tourism Levels & Spending

2016 Tourism Estimates

The following estimates reflect the strong effect tourism has on the Grapevine economy.  Tourism development and the development of additional hotels, attractions and restaurants are the key focus of the City and the Convention and Visitors Bureau.  In 2016, Grapevine tourist attractions generated over 20 million local visits.
Shopping ladies-Main St-500


Attraction Annual Visitors
Grapevine Mills Mall
9.9 Million
Historic District/Winery/Day Visitors 3.1 Million
Overnight Hotel Guests 3.0 Million
Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World
2.1 Million
Lake Grapevine
1.2 Million
Festivals / Events / Historic District
ICE at Gaylord 297,000
Heritage / Information Center
Grapevine Vintage Railroad
Total Visits
20.4 Million

2016 Tourism Employment & Sales

Tourism also provides a healthy lift to the local economy
through employment in tourism generated jobs. Over 16,000
jobs were hospitality oriented. Retail/attraction sales from
tourism was estimated to be $1.8 billion in 2016.

Retail/attraction sales, along with hotel room revenue and local
food and beverage sales, bring total tourism-generated sales to
$2.3 billion.


Attraction Sales
Grapevine Vintage Railroad
$2.24 Million
Convention Center / Palace Arts Theater
$1.41 Million
Food & Beverage Sales
$253.24 Million
Hotels $270.89 Million
Retail Sales
$1.81 Billion